Holi Gulal
Make Holi more fun with this skin-friendly Holi Gulal. It is available in a variety to make the festival even more colorful and playful. It does not harm the skin or hair in anyway and is loved by people belonging to all age groups.
Herbal Gulal
Go herbal this Holi with our range of fun loving Herbal Gulal which are made from all the organic items. These are highly demanded in the market due to their non toxic and eco friendly nature. These do not stay on the face after washing.
Holi Gulal Gift Pack
To celebrate the festival of colors on a large scale, we are offering Holi Gulal Gift Pack which has a range of different colored gulal. These can be gifted to friends, family and colleagues. These are easy to play with and remove.
Holi Colour
Holi Colour are provided by us in a wide range like natural holi colour and dry color holi powder, and many others. The colors offered by us can be used directly on the face or by dissolving them in water.
Holi Colour Spray
To enhance the ambiance of Holi, we are offering Holi Colour Spray. A favorite among the kids, it is available in three types namely herbal gulal spray, holi water colour spray and holi snow spray. It can be easily washed off by water.
Holi Colour Liquid
Make Holi more magnanimous with the Holi Colour Liquid provided by us. It is available in a variety of colors like red, blue and pink, in addition to others. Small amount of liquid can make a whole bucket of water colorful.
Holi Colour Paste
Holi Colour Paste has a great fragrance attached to it. It has great solubility in water. Available in different colors green, blue, red, it is made from natural ingredients so that it is harmless on the skin, eyes and hair. 
Organic Gulal
This range of Organic Gulal is acknowledged for its skin friendly content, chemicals and heavy metal free composition and long storage life. This range of organic products has been prepared from extracts of selected herbs.
Murga Gulal

Our Murga Gulal are non-toxic and gentle for the skin. These hues have a smooth feel and pleasant scents because of their fine filtering. These colors are ideal for any celebration, especially Holi, and our gulal are simple to remove and kind to the skin.

Murga Rooh Rang

We provide Murga Rooh Rang, an element filled with high-quality, very safe to use Holi colors, as part of the range of goods we provide. Our non-toxic and skin-friendly colors have an extended shelf life due to the container.

Murga Colour Spray

Are you looking for a high-end selection of Holi color sprays for the festival of colors Holi? If so, here is the finest site to pick and purchase superior color Sprays for the Holi festival in 2022. Explore now to add more colors to the festival of colors with the best Murga Colour Spray.

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